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Veronica Mars fanfiction challenge

to the newest Veronica Mars fanfiction challenge community!

The first challenge- Game On Round #1- will begin on Tuesday, September 1st and end before midnight on Wednesday, September 30th. Please submit or link to your story during this time.

Rules & Guidelines

~Any and all pairings, characters, and ratings welcome.

~Stories must be posted before the deadline in order to be considered for Best Fic. All submissions must be posted or linked to here, and the author should list the challenge in the summary or an author's note. Please see veronicamarsfic for other posting guidelines.

~There will be multiple challenges available to choose from each round, including: A specific character or pairing prompt, an episode rewrite or 'what-if?' prompt, a monthly theme prompt, and a general challenge.

~Challenges will be announced two weeks before the next round begins (for instance, round 2 will begin on Thursday, October 1st and run until midnight on October 31st), so you should have up to six weeks to write and submit a fic from the announcement to the deadline. Depending on the level of participation for that challenge, extensions may be granted.

~Although a beta is not required, one is highly encouraged. Please see THIS POST for grammar and spelling guidelines as well as a list of volunteer betas, or seek assistance at vmfic_help.

~Beginning in December, members will be limited to two entries (fics) per challenge round. This does NOT include WIPs; if you're working on a multi-chapter fic, you can post as many chapters as the story needs Entry limits has been waived for the final round!

~WIPs are welcomed and encouraged! And the rules for this are pretty lax. A WIP doesn't have to be completed during the challenge round in order to be considered for awards, and updates for other WIPs can be entered as long as they meet a challenge requirement and a link to previous parts is included.

~This community highly encourages member participation! Advertise the community and challenges, suggest future prompts, volunteer to beta stories. Members make the community and choose the winners, so get active!

~Comment! If you've read a fic and loved it, let the author know. If you've read a fic and have a few suggestions to improve it, (tactful) constructive criticism is always encouraged. If you've read a fic, hated it and now wish the author bodily harm, walk it off. Flames aren't tolerated and IP logging is on for anonymous comments.

~At the end of each round, the challenge winners will be determined by readers' votes in a closed poll. The poll will open at the end of the round and everyone will have one week to cast their vote before the winner is announced.

~The number of awards (Best Fic, Best Angst, Best Fluff, etc.) handed out each round will depend on the number of entries received.
Current Challenge:
Game On Round 12- FINAL ROUND!!!

August 1st to November 5th.

Please see THIS POST for challenges and prompts for round #12- FINAL ROUND.

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